Size & Dimensions:

Oval Cloud Ornament Locket
Material: 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated
Locket width: approx. 21 mm Locket
height: approx. 28 mm
Inner diameter of pendant loop: approx. 2 x 3 mm
Article no. 2127
Price incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping costs

The product can be individualized by you during the ordering process. :)

Advanced Product Information

Silver rhodium plated
Palm leaf purse
Silver cleaning cloth
Medallion flap fastener

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Oval clouds ornament medallion

What is the story about this oval clouds ornament locket? Well, the sky with all its clouds, with the many facets of blue always offers me the feeling of peace and refuge. Even if the sky looks a little different every time I look up. It is in constant change and yet always a constant. So looking up is basically like looking into our lives. We all need our constants that give us security, while everything around us is always changing.

The beautiful oval cloud ornament medallion reflects exactly this look into the sky. It shows the clouds that give life to the sky, give it a frame. The clouds are the a symbol of the constants of our lives.

The oval cloud ornament locket is made of genuine 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver is a wonderful genuine silver alloy, probably the best known. In addition, silver is nickel free and free of harmful heavy metals. Your skin will thank you if you always take this to heart when choosing your jewelry :)

The oval cloud ornament locket has also been rhodium plated. This means we have refined the 925 sterling silver with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal of the platinum family and therefore even more valuable than silver itself. This so-called rhodium plating ensures that the silver always remains beautifully silver and does not tarnish black over time.

Inside the oval cloud ornament locket you will find matching inserts that provide ideal protection for your wonderful photos. The oval cloud ornament locket is also not cast, but punched. This ensures that the medallion is very light. So you always have the perfect wearing comfort. You will hardly feel the medallion on your neck. This makes it a great companion for every day!

Maybe it may also be the cloud medallion with frame for you or optionally the moon crater medallion for the night owls among us :) And of course we also provide you with a great silver chain, if you still want one for your oval cloud ornament locket. Feel free to browse through our Love Your Diamonds Shop or write us. We are always there for you!

I want some more...

There is of course more to perfect customer service than just sending a great piece of jewelry. We want you to receive a sustainable and beautiful total package from us. And that's why we have thought of some wonderful little things we would like to make you happy with :)

bag: Sustainability is important to us. That is why we do not like cheap plastic bags. And even with paper packaging, trees may have to be cut down unnecessarily. That's why we have chosen special bags made of banana leaves, in which we lovingly wrap your jewellery. Each banana leaf bag is a beautiful unique piece of jewellery, lovingly handmade for you.

Care instructions: We want you to enjoy your jewellery for a very, very long time. That's why you will always receive the appropriate care instructions with everything you need to know about your jewellery and its care.

Feedback: Everything we do, we do so that you as a customer feel comfortable with us! So if you have any suggestions or wishes, please feel free to write to us. Feedback of any kind is very valuable for us and is always implemented in the best possible way :)

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