To keep your jewellery as beautiful as at the beginning, it is advisable to have it reworked from time to time. This can be a simple cleaning. This can include small repairs or even a major repair. And if you have had enough of your favourite piece of jewellery, you might even want to have it reworked.

We are happy about every inquiry. Whether it is the gold ring in which another stone is to be set. Or whether it is the pearl earrings that are to have a new hairstyle. We are happy to take on any of your wishes and then decide together with you which service is suitable for you and which one best fits your budget. Of course this also applies to all pieces of jewellery that you have not bought directly from us.

Our range of services for jewellery preparation is really extensive. So we can gladly do for you...
So it doesn't matter if you have small cleaning jobs for us or if you want to order a bigger repair. In all cases we will take the necessary time to find the perfect solution for your favourite piece of jewellery together with you. We are looking forward to your inquiry and will be happy to answer your questions at any time :)