It is not always so easy to establish a personal relationship with your customers on the Internet. But this is exactly what we are very concerned about. We want you to feel comfortable with us. Above all, we want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are in good hands with us. Therefore, we follow a very simple rule in our customer service: We sell high quality products and are also nice to our customers :)
We like personal contact with our customers

. It is important that you can reach us quickly and easily if you have questions or requests. And it is also important that each inquiry contains the information we need to fulfill your request. Therefore we have prepared countless small contact forms for you. Every single form supports you on our service pages in a targeted way to make your individual inquiry.

But of course we do not only offer our contact forms as a possibility for you to contact us. You are always welcome to send us an e-mail or to enjoy the classic telephone call :)

Contact with you is very important to us and our goal is that you always have the possibility to reach us. And we want to make sure that you will receive an answer to your request as soon as possible.

We always strive for an immediate solution for you as a customer

We are people and we work with people. Despite all good intentions, something can go wrong. Thank god very rarely, but every now and then it happens ;)

So if you have something we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us. We will put the right people on it directly. Because you as a customer have the expectation that you will be taken care of immediately. And rightly so. So we don't want to waste any time, but to fulfil exactly this expectation in the best possible way.
We inspire you as a customer to support your project

Most of you do not earn your money with jewelry. They only buy some from time to time. Or want to put your jewellery project into action for the first time. Sometimes there is a lack of experience. Especially if your days are always planned and you lack the time to take a closer look at things and take a deep breath. But that's not too bad, because that's what we are here for. We are happy to help you to develop new ideas and get ideas for your jewellery creations.

We at Love Your Diamonds see ourselves as a source of inspiration for each of your jewellery wishes. We are always happy to give you tips for your journey. Because we want to make sure that you are happy with the result of every repair,custom-made product or the realization of your jewelry collection.

We are open and grateful for suggestions

At Love Your Diamonds it is important to us that we do not talk past our customers. We regularly question our processes and always want to ask the right questions. So please help us to get a good understanding for you as a customer and to provide the best support every day, we are looking forward to your feedback. Let us know if you have a suggestion with which we can further improve our service. Constructive criticism and every opportunity to broaden our horizon are welcome :)