In many of us there is an almost infinite creativity that would love to be discovered! No matter if you want to beautify friends, yourself or the whole world with your potential - Do it Yourself is a great trend, which we at Love Your Diamonds are happy to support :)

Since we design our jewellery ourselves and do a lot of it completely on our own, we have of course everything in stock that a hobbyist's heart desires to create beautiful jewellery. So before you go out and get off the shelf jewelry that doesn't really satisfy you, make your own jewelry and fill it with all the memories that are important to you!
With a share of almost 90% women in the Do it Yourself family of relevant platforms, we have long been aware of the potential of female salespeople. But we are also happy to receive more and more inquiries from men who would like to realize their jewelry dreams. So the Do it Yourself trend to make jewellery yourself has slowly outgrown the shoes of the hipster scene and has established itself as a real development in the population.

For all who enjoy handicraft, making jewellery yourself is a wonderful way to conjure up great treasures, to please friends and family and ultimately perhaps even to create a new financial foothold with which you can make your dreams come true. When you make your own jewellery, you create very individual pieces of jewellery that nobody else owns but you. Jewellery that will serve as an original and loving gift for your loved ones and that may be so well received that you can sell it at small craft markets or even on the Internet. We do nothing else :)
And because we, as Love Your Diamonds, have been doing this for so long, we are also happy to support you in all your jewelry making plans yourself. If you want to create a necklace and don't know exactly how to do it - just contact us. If you are missing a certain part, maybe a hairstyle, a clasp, a stone strand, then write to us. And if you are looking for material for your jewelry project that you cannot find on our Love Your Diamonds page, what do you do? Sure! You just contact us!

Either way, we are so enthusiastic about the Do it Yourself idea of making jewellery ourselves that we would like to support all other comrades-in-arms and companions to give their ideas a face and make their jewellery dreams come true. There is (almost) nothing that we can't find an answer for you or that we don't have in our assortment. And since questions don't cost anything, it is always worth asking! ;)