Having jewellery made is the perfect way for those of us who want to get away from the mainstream and would like to turn our own ideas into reality. So if you are looking for a partner to make your dream of own jewelry come true, you have definitely found one with Love Your Diamonds :)

There are basically two possibilitiesto have your jewellery made:

On the one hand you can have your jewellery made as an individual piece. So you have a very special souvenir, which you can wear yourself or give away with love. Many companies find the creation of a unique piece too complex, but we enjoy this unique work with you and your ideas! You have a great idea? And we at Love Your Diamonds have the possibilities to realize this idea for you!

On the other hand, you can have your jewellery made as a small series. Many young designers are bubbling over with creative ideas that finally want to be brought to life! But many large companies demand high quantities for collections and series production. Perhaps too much, if you are at the beginning of your design career. We at Love Your Diamonds are specialized in the production of jewelry in small series and are happy to help you realize your dreams :)

We always follow your specifications very closely when manufacturing your piece of jewellery. No matter if we produce your piece of jewellery in small series or if we create a unique piece for you. Therefore a good order clarification is always very important for us. This way we can be sure that you really get what you want!

It is important to us that we do not blindly implement what you tell us. Of course we would also like to advise you. This includes giving you important tips and sharing our experience with you if we feel that we can help you.
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Have jewellery made - How does it work?

No matter if you want to have a single piece made or if you want to have a jewellery collection made - there are always a few little things we need from you first:
  1. Do you have a drawing of your piece of jewellery? Or maybe even a sample already?
    The size and appearance of your piece of jewellery is an important criterion for a reliable offer. The more precisely you can describe to us what you would like to have made as jewellery, the better we can help you.
  2. What material did you have in mind when creating your piece of jewellery? silver? gold? Precious stones?
    We are specialized in the production of silver and gold jewellery. This means that we can conjure up almost any piece of jewellery made of gold or silver or even gold-plated silver that you desire. Even the use of gemstones or zirconia stones is no problem for us.
  3. Is there a budget you have in mind for your piece of jewelry?
    Sure, anything is possible, but there is also this stupid thing with the price. Basically you can say that the production of single pieces of jewellery of course requires more effort than jewellery that can be made as a series. Here fixed costs can be better distributed and every reduction in fixed costs is of course passed on directly to you. Silver jewellery is also always cheaper than gold jewellery and sometimes it is therefore a nice alternative to have gold-plated silver jewellery made, if you actually only want the golden colour and not so much the gold as such. With all these considerations it helps a lot to know what your budget is. This way we can work out the best option for you in a joint dialogue with you :)
  4. Is there a time limit for your jewellery production?
    You know exactly what you want, you have enough budget for your project, but great kindness! You lack the time! Depending on what kind of jewellery is to be made and how much effort is involved in making the jewellery, the more or less time is needed. So if you have a very tight time frame, we will try to find a suitable solution, which may be different from what you would have if time is not a problem for you, but rather the budget. And we always try to find the way that suits you best from all points of view.
What we then do with all your input is to create a joint concept of how your idea of having jewellery made can best be implemented. We work together with various partners in Germany, Thailand, India and Indonesia, each of which is at home in a special part of the jewellery manufacture. Depending on what you wish to have made as jewellery, we carefully select our partners for your project.

Have jewellery made - when can you start?

You can have your jewellery made at any time! We will be happy to plan, conceptualise and design your piece of jewellery for you. Many customers are afraid that they first have to finish a CAD drawing or have already perfected their idea creatively. All nonsense :)

Please send us hand drawn sketches, photos of sample pieces of jewellery, written explanations of what you want... Good service includes supporting you wherever you need help. And of course the design work is also part of it! Basically you can say: Tell us your desired measurements, the desired material and the desired delivery time and we will make the right concept for you :)

Of course every piece of jewellery has a certain delivery time depending on the type and extent of the work. We will determine this in the course of the offer preparation and inform you about it before your project starts. This way you have all the necessary information at any time to estimate whether your personal gift or your long awaited jewellery collection will be ready on time.