Due to Corona, unfortunately, all markets are currently cancelled. But we are confident that the situation will soon improve and we will be able to welcome you again LIVE on the markets! So if you would like to see Love Your Diamonds live on tour, just check back here from time to time. As soon as a date is fixed, we will let you know on this page :)

Love Your Diamonds is a jewelry online shop. But why do we still like to sell at markets?
Because we think that personal contact is irreplaceable. Today, shopping is done comfortably from the PC. Simply by mouse click. And we design our website with a lot of love as pleasant as possible for you, so that you can really enjoy your online shopping tour. But do we want to do without personal contacts completely? Definitely not :)

The direct contact to our customers is really valuable for us. Because only there we get real feedback...
  • You never find rings that fit you because your fingers are too small or too big? You are not! Thanks to such feedback we have expanded our ring size range to include rings for really delicate fingers as well as rings for ladies whose fingers need a little more space ;)
  • You just haven't found anyone who offers ear clips that are comfortable to wear even for children? Now you have! We are thankful for the suggestions of our customers and are happy to implement them quickly. Now we have a huge selection of earclips that are wonderful for children to wear :)
  • Your son would also like to wear a ring, but there are always only rings with flowers and butterflies? Those days are over! Boys and girls alike should be able to wear jewellery. That's why we have created a children's jewellery collection that inspires with rockets and diggers and fire engines (and girls are welcome to wear it too!)

So many new jewellery creations have already found their way into our collection. The secret is that at each of our markets we not only listen to the customers who find great jewellery with us. But also those who unfortunately do not find any jewellery with us. And they help us to make our Love Your Diamonds range even better. Broadly diversified. Creative. And very special.

Buying jewellery is an emotional experience and it gives us great pleasure to accompany you personally. It's great to see the beaming face of our customers when they have finally found their dream piece of jewelry. Especially when they are unlikely to find anything else. We enjoy delighting our customers with the great variety of shapes, colours and designs that we give to our jewellery. And we are always curious whether we can inspire our customers with it live just as we were enthusiastic when we created it :)

But the best thing is that our customers still remember us after many years and tell us how much they love the jewellery they once bought from us. It is the greatest compliment and the greatest incentive for us to continue doing exactly that.

So you see, we love the personal contact. The honest feedback. The new suggestions. And that is why we still go to markets :)