Who I am and what I do

I have always had great respect for women who stand on their own two feet and had the courage to be their own boss. Especially if they had also founded a family, so that they promoted their independence "in addition to their mother role". As if self-employment was something for the side. Or even being a mom.

I had previously worked for a long, long time in well-known industrial companies, but after my father ran his own company, it was almost as if this was the right way for me from the very beginning. Without my excursions into the wide world of business, however, I would certainly not have noticed this.

Right from the start I had many plans for Love Your Diamonds. But over the years I had to learn how to bring the many motifs from my head into the real jewellery reality. And I am very happy that my father allowed me to have all these experiences. So I can give my customers, who also want to create a jewelry collection, many useful tips directly from life. This means that I not only design my own jewellery, but I also like to help other entrepreneurs* realize their dreams of jewellery.

I started Love Your Diamonds like many self-employed people besides my former job. So I had the luxury of being able to let Love Your Diamonds grow naturally and sustainably, and yet I was able to gain a lot of experience in exciting projects with my own customers. When customers started to come back because they were satisfied with my service, my products and me as a person, it was clear to me that this creative and creative form of self-employment was just right for me.

When my customers are happy, it is something very affirmative that challenges and encourages me, and it doesn't matter whether they enjoy my own creations or are happy that their own wishes have been realized exactly as they imagined. Through Love Your Diamonds I get to know so many great personalities who are as full of ideas as I am. This is a great and inspiring working environment, because the exchange between entrepreneurs is always enriching and helpful. So you will always be able to grow better together than alone in a dark basement.

My environment has always supported me with Love Your Diamonds. They seemed to notice faster than I did that I suddenly became so much more balanced through working with Love Your Diamonds. When you have found your own passion, it always leads to more satisfaction and friends and family also feel that.
It always takes a while to recognize what makes you different from others. But it has always been important to us at Love Your Diamonds that we don't just want to emulate others, but to create our own style. We always try to stay true to this style and don't forget that all good things have to be developed to stay good.