New Kids Earclips to make your loved ones happy for Christmas!

This year you have literally Kids Earclips with orders for your dearest little hearts. Thank you very much for the great Kids Earclips orders and especially for the inspiration for new Kids Earclips new models!

So that you get super cute new models in time for Christmas Kids Earclips models in time for Christmas, we have been working tirelessly. All the more we are happy to present you three new earclips models just in time for the first of December :)

All three motives for the new Kids Earclips come from your own customer wishes. Thanks to you we noticed that we actually don't have any horses in our collection yet! Kids Earclips in our collection! A circumstance, which we have of course immediately corrected ;)

So now also the little horse princesses and princes get their money's worth! It was also a great pleasure for us to add fawn earclips to the little fawn earrings. Bambi's little best friend is so popular with you that we were delighted to conjure up a children's version of the earclips to go with it.

As you are used to from our Kids Earclips the new earclips are made completely of 925 Sterling Silver. This means that your little ones are completely free of nickel. This is not only important for nickel allergy sufferers, but for every sweet child's ear that wants to stay healthy :)

And for all those who are trying our Kids Earclips for the first time, we recently put a wonderful "How to put on children's earclips correctly" tutorial on our blog. Check it out, maybe it will be interesting for the experienced ear clip wearers or gift givers too!

First the fawn kids earclips will be online and the horses will follow immediately. If you want horses earclips and they are not online yet, just write us a short mail and we will help you as always :)

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When buying jewelry online, many different factors are important. You have to find jewellery that you love. A large selection of silver and gold jewelry can help you :) No matter what kind of jewellery you want to buy online - silver jewellery, gold jewellery or even very extraordinary jewellery - our assortment offers you a wide range of individual pieces of jewellery. From cute anklets to elegant brooches and classic silver necklaces, we are happy to fulfill your every wish.

Buying jewellery online does not always have to be impersonal. We will be happy to advise you and give you tips and tricks at any time on how to clean your silver jewellery or gold jewellery and how to care for your jewellery in general, so that you can enjoy your jewellery purchased online for as long as possible. We can also offer you everything you need to clean your jewellery - be it a silver bath, a silver cleaning cloth or a well-intentioned tip on what to consider when cleaning jewellery, gemstones and pearls.

Individually made jewellery online

On the one hand we are happy to offer you beautiful jewellery pieces, bristles or clasps with which you can make your own jewellery. In addition, you can have your jewellery made according to your individual specifications - true to the motto: What is possible, we will make it! But also with the other pieces of jewellery from our collection we always attach great importance to the fact that all pieces of jewellery are either unique pieces or were made in a small series. So you don't buy jewellery off the peg from us, but always the perfect accessory to underline your personality!

Just contact us - we will be happy to assist you if you want to make your own jewellery or if you would like to have your jewellery made by us. We will be happy if you are happy! And now have fun browsing through our little jewellery world

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If the piece of jewellery of your choice should not be found in our online jewellery shop - contact us anytime! We have many more pieces of jewellery (silver jewellery, gold jewellery or stainless steel jewellery) in addition to the range of jewellery in our online jewellery shop, which we would be happy to present to you. Tell us what you are looking for and we will surely find it for you :)