How do I bend a bent ring round again?

A dear customer had a problem that I'm sure many of you have: Due to the many intensive wearing, the beautiful silver ring has bent. And how do you bend a bent ring round again? It's not that difficult and we'll gladly explain it to you :)


Requirements for bending a bent ring round again

But before we start to repair the bent ring, we should clarify whether your ring is suitable for self-repair at all. You should briefly check two things for this:


1. what material is your ring made of?

Materials from which jewelry is made naturally have different degrees of hardness. For example, metals such as copper, brass, silver or gold are relatively soft, so they can be easily shaped. Very hard metals like titanium, tungsten or tungsten carbide, on the other hand, are very difficult or impossible to form by hand. Therefore, you will most likely not be able to get a ring made of hard materials round again on your own.

You can easily tell whether your ring is made of silver or gold, for example, by the corresponding stamp that is used to mark these precious metals. For silver, it's usually sterling silver, marked "925". And for gold, the most common alloys are marked with "333", "375", "585" or "750".
The higher the number for the gold alloy, the softer the material.

In short, if your ring is made of copper, brass, silver or gold, chances are you can get it round again yourself :)


2. does your ring have set (precious) stones?

If your ring has one or more (precious) stones set into it, you should rather not try to repair it yourself. Because a wrong handling or wrongly placed blows with the jewelry hammer could damage the stone setting. In the worst case, you may even knock small (precious) stones completely out of the setting.

Therefore, the following applies in principle: Rings with (precious) stones should only be brought into shape by a professional :)

So if your ring has passed the initial test, we can easily set about making the bent ring round again!


Step by step instructions to bend your bent ring round again:

First, you will ideally need a ring cone or something that has a similar shape. You can use basically anything that is sturdy enough and that narrows towards the top and widens towards the bottom.

  • Now put your ring on this ring cone. You will see that the bent ring no longer lies evenly on all sides of the round ring cone. These are the bent areas that you now want to gently bend round again.

  • Push the ring onto the ring cone only until it has regained a semi-round shape. Always be gentle when doing this, because rings that have been force-fitted can break, stretch larger, or become even more deformed.

Once the ring is in place, start by gently pressing the large dents against the ring cone with your fingers. The best way to do this is to glide your finger along the ring rail in a circle once around the ring cone. While doing so, apply gentle but firm pressure so that the rough dents bulge out again and the ring now fits better to the ring cone.

When the ring is now almost round again, it may be possible to push it down a little further on the ring cone. You can always adjust gently to get the original round shape back piece by piece.

For the last small dents of your bent ring, you ideally use a rubber mallet. This is softer than the material of your ring and you will not damage the ring. If you don't have a rubber mallet, you can also use household utensils. For example, you can beat your bent ring round again with the soft handle of a screwdriver :)

  • To be on the safe side, you should cover your bent ring with a cloth before gently hitting it round again with the rubber mallet.

  • The blows should be very light, the softer the material of your ring, the gentler. Otherwise you will make unsightly dents in your bent ring. So rather many light blows than one too hard blow :)

  • You set the length once in a circle around the ring. This way all sides are evenly adjusted to the ring cone and your bent ring becomes evenly round again.

With very narrow rings, it may be that your bent ring not only needs to be rounded again, but also that dents from the horizontal plane of the ring rail need to be straightened. You can do this very gently (gently is really the operative word, because that's the only way to get a nice result!) with flat nose pliers.

  • Again, cover the flat nose pliers with a cloth to protect your bent ring. Then you can slide the flat nose pliers along your ring piece by piece, bending all the dents back out.

If you have followed all these steps carefully and lovingly, your bent ring should be round and wearable again :)

And if you have any questions, you can of course always contact us, we are always happy to help!