Who hasn't experienced this: Your favourite folding hoop earrings, which you have worn every day, suddenly no longer close properly. It seems obvious to believe that the moment has come when you have to say goodbye to your beautiful creoles.
Here comes the good news: In most cases, the creoles are quite easy to save again :)

But what is the reason, if the creoles don't close properly anymore?

The answer is simple: Folding hoop earrings close because the small notch that is worked into the hoop plug engages in the opening provided for this purpose in the hoop. Now, silver is a relatively soft precious metal. This means that over time, the silver plug of the creole may give a little and sink to the bottom.

It can also happen that the plug got slightly stuck when taking the creole on and off, causing it to deform a little.
Or the creole may have been lying a little unhappily in the jewellery box and the plug was pressed together by jewellery lying on top of it.

It is enough if the Creolen plug was bent downwards minimally (this does not have to be visually noticeable at all) that the Creolen then no longer close properly.

And how do I get the creoles to close properly again?

If the hoop earrings really don't close properly anymore because the hoop earring plug has bent slightly, then this can be done quickly :)

You bend the plug very gently (really only with your fingertip) a little bit upwards (or to the place where the creole plug should be). It is better to press more gently and see if it fits than to bend the plug with too much pressure. Because the release point of the plug does not like too much pressure. This can break the Creolen plug and then the rescue is much more difficult ;)

As soon as the Creolen Plug is in position again, you will notice that there is tension on the lock again. The small notch on the Creole Plug will snap back into the eyelet and you will feel the familiar click again when you close the Creole on your ear.

So that you can see exactly what to do when the hoop earrings no longer close properly, I have made a short video for you. And if you still have questions or are not quite sure: We are always there for you! Contact us and we will help you wherever we can :)