Okay, maybe it's not quite the right time of year for toe rings, you may say. But we think it's ALWAYS the right time for toe rings! And that's exactly why we have designed a new toe ring collection for you together with a very dear customer :)

Since this very dear customer is a young man, we have created toe rings that are also quite wonderful as men's toe rings. This should not stop the ladies from wearing the toe rings as well. After all, you ladies should wear what makes you happy!

Like all our toe rings, these toe rings are of course made of genuine 925 sterling silver. But because we want to develop further with each collection, we now offer the first toe rings for the little toes in 925 sterling silver gold plated! So finally all our gold fans get their money ' s worth :)

So that also men can wear the toe rings who are less into flower ornaments, we have put our design focus on tribal ornaments for this toe ring collection. They are strong patterns that go wonderfully with strong personalities. And by that we mean both men and women!

So if you have a heart for extraordinary gold plated toe rings and high end oxidized toe rings, you can rejoice with us now! The video gives you a small foretaste of the great treasures! I'm as happy as a lark and I'm hurrying to put the great pieces online for you!

Of course you can send me an email if you want them already, even though they are not online yet. Then I'll make a manual order for you and your toe rings anytime ;)