Size and dimensions

Material: 925/- Sterling silver, oxidized
Width of Ear Climber at narrowest point approx. 1 mm (0.04 inch)
Width of Ear Climber at widest point approx. 4 mm (0.16 inch)
Length of Ear Climber approx. 30 mm (1.18 inch)
Article no. 1212
Price incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping costs

The product can be individualized by you during the ordering process. :)

Advanced Product Information

Ear Climber hook closure
Silver oxidized
Palm leaf purse
Silver cleaning cloth

Questions about this product

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It's beautiful and I want it! It's just... What is it?

We don't support every trend, but if an idea is good, we have to acknowledge it without envy - and turning the whole ear into a decorative surface for an earring is really a sensational idea! :)

Under this premise these beautiful Ear Climber (or Ear Jacket or Ear Cuff earrings... oh, call them as you like) were created. First we created the outer shape - the wave of the Ear Cuff earrings and then we brought them to life with silver wires. This is how the beautiful pattern in the Ear Climbers came into being. Only when we were completely satisfied with this, we soldered the silver wires to the Ear Cuff earrings and brought them to the casting (yes, in fact, each of the small silver wires you see on the Ear Climbers was soldered separately).

Of course the complete Ear Cuff Earrings are made of real 925/- Sterling Silver. And to bring out the beautiful pattern of silver wires better, we have oxidized the inner surface of the Ear Jacket Earrings, that means we have intentionally made them black and sealed them afterwards. This emphasizes the pattern inside the Ear Climber and makes it look even more filigree on the black background.

We have designed a beautiful piece of jewelry for you, which can be worn on one ear only or combined with other ear jewelry - try it out, you will love it! :)

I want some more...

There is of course more to perfect customer service than just sending a great piece of jewelry. We want you to receive a sustainable and beautiful total package from us. And that's why we have thought of some wonderful little things we would like to make you happy with :)

bag: Sustainability is important to us. That is why we do not like cheap plastic bags. And even with paper packaging, trees may have to be cut down unnecessarily. That's why we have chosen special bags made of banana leaves, in which we lovingly wrap your jewellery. Each banana leaf bag is a beautiful unique piece of jewellery, lovingly handmade for you.

Care instructions: We want you to enjoy your jewellery for a very, very long time. That's why you will always receive the appropriate care instructions with everything you need to know about your jewellery and its care.

Feedback: Everything we do, we do so that you as a customer feel comfortable with us! So if you have any suggestions or wishes, please feel free to write to us. Feedback of any kind is very valuable for us and is always implemented in the best possible way :)

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