Size and dimensions:

Hedgehog stud earrings
Material: 925 Sterling silver, rhodium-plated
Stud length approx. 12 mm
Stud width approx. 10 mm
Stud length approx. 7 mm
Article no. 1191
Price incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping costs

The product can be individualized by you during the ordering process. :)

Advanced Product Information

Silver rhodium plated
Palm leaf purse
Silver cleaning cloth
Ear stud fastener

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Hedgehog ear studs

A hedgehog has up to 7000 spines. Impressive, do you think? What's really impressive is that each of these spines is connected to a muscle! This allows hedgehogs to line up each spine in small spine clusters to respond to touch. An animal with such amazing abilities deserves its own statement: our hedgehog ear studs :)

There are 24 different species of hedgehog worldwide. They live in forests, deserts and savannahs, for example. And because the hedgehog can be found everywhere, the hedgehog ear stud naturally has friends everywhere. For example, the cow in the pasture ear studs. The turtle ear studs. Or the giraffe stud earrings ;)

The cute hedgehog stud earrings are crafted down to the last detail. The small silver dots feel like the individual spines of the hedgehog as it smiles at you in a friendly manner. The hedgehog is slightly frosted between the spines to further emphasise the three-dimensional look.

Of course, the hedgehog stud earrings don't just look adorable. They are also made from a high-quality material. They are made from genuine 925 sterling silver. Silver is nickel-free and free from harmful heavy metals. This makes these ear studs wonderful for your precious skin.

The hedgehog ear studs are also rhodium-plated. This means that the 925 sterling silver is coated with a layer of rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal of the platinum family and makes your ear studs even more valuable. Above all, rhodium protects your 925 Sterling silver from abrasion and oxidation. So your ear studs will always stay beautifully shiny silver :)

The pins of the hedgehog ear studs have two notches. A small detail that makes a big difference. This allows you to flexibly adjust the tightness of the stud fastener to fit your ear. The two notches also ensure greater security. The clasp is held in place and won't slip off your ear so easily.

Are you in love with the hedgehog stud earrings? Because we are, and we are happy to give you our little hedgehogs for adoption into good hands ;)

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There is of course more to perfect customer service than just sending a great piece of jewelry. We want you to receive a sustainable and beautiful total package from us. And that's why we have thought of some wonderful little things we would like to make you happy with :)

bag: Sustainability is important to us. That is why we do not like cheap plastic bags. And even with paper packaging, trees may have to be cut down unnecessarily. That's why we have chosen special bags made of banana leaves, in which we lovingly wrap your jewellery. Each banana leaf bag is a beautiful unique piece of jewellery, lovingly handmade for you.

Care instructions: We want you to enjoy your jewellery for a very, very long time. That's why you will always receive the appropriate care instructions with everything you need to know about your jewellery and its care.

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