We have already written a blog post about our Silver Ear Climber and explained how they can be Silver Ear Climber can be fitted to the ear. The correct fitting of our Ear Climber However, we do not start with the Fitting the Ear Climber to the earbut already with the insertion of the Ear Climber through the earhole :)

The correct insertion of the Ear Climber into the ear hole is so important, because with a wrong handling the Ear Climber can break off. So that this does not happen, we would like to explain to you what there is to know about the insertion of our Ear Climber to know :)

Ear Climbersimply bend open, insert and ready...or?

Just not ;)

So that the Silver Ear Climber give you pleasure for a long time, there is one rule, which should always be taken to heart: Please do not bend your Ear Climber when putting them on, in order to bend them Ear Climber then bend them again at the ear.

This leads to a permanent strain on the soldering point which connects the ornament part and the bow of the Ear Climbers ornament. By their very nature, solder joints do not like force. And since you are almost certainly stronger than any solder joint on the Ear Climberthe solder joint will eventually give up and break.

How do you put onthe Ear Climberif you can'tbend it?

Simple :)

Instead of bending the Ear Climbers bend it open and closed, you just take the Ear Climber ornament between your index finger and thumb. It's important that the Earclimber hangs upside down, i.e. exactly the opposite position to the one you want to have it at the end of your ear.

Then gently push your thumb between the ornament and the bow of the Earclimber. Ear Climbers. The thumb should not push the Ear Climber The thumb should not push the bow apart, but only be a small guide for you. With your thumb in this position, you will have a good feeling for where the clip begins and can insert it more easily into your ear hole.

As soon as you have found the ear hole with the stud, you can insert it further by simply Ear Crawler simply by pushing it further into the ear. No further force is necessary here. Your ear or your earlobe is wonderfully flexible, so that the earwire can simply be Ear Climber can easily be pushed into the right position :)

Nowthe Ear Climber hangs like an earringon your ear.And now?

Now comes the easy part. You just turn the Ear Climber with the tip pointing upwards, so that it comes into the position that the Ear Climber the Ear Climber is supposed to be. So that the ornament of the Ear Climbers ornament runs along the cartilage of the ear, you gently pull your ear between the ornament and the bow of the Ear Climbers. The hoop presses gently on the back of your ear and holds the ornament part of the Ear Climbers in position at the front.

If the bow of the Ear Climbers is not tight enough and the Ear Climber slip off your ear again, there are some tricks to fix this. Just have a look at our previous blog post about "Ear Climbers and how to put them on" :)

And now you have joy with your earrings Silver Ear Climbersso that they will make you very happy for a long time!