We love our Ear Cuffs. And we love that our customers love our Ear Cuffs:)
Nevertheless, every now and then we get desperate requests: "Those Ear Climber look great. But how do you put on these Ear Climbers?"

Of course we have countless Ear Cuff models. But we have two special Ear Cuff models that require a bit more sensitivity. We like to call them Ear Crawler and Ear Climber, respectively, because they are so beautiful along the ear.

Let's start with our smaller Ear Climbers.

These Ear Climbers are basically always constructed in the same way: This type of EarClimber has a beautiful longish ornament plate on the front side. And on the back side you can attach theEar Climber to your ear with a hook.

Sometimes a lady can have the feeling that these Ear Cuff Hooks are too big. We are deliberately generous with the radius of these Ear Cuff Hooks. Because this way they can be adapted to each earlobe. So ladies with narrower ear lobes as well as ladies with thicker ear lobes can wear these Ear Climber wonderfully.

But what do I do now if the ear cuffs keep slipping out?
I took some pictures which hopefully solve this problem :)

The easiest way to make the Ear Climber sit tighter is to "bend over" it. Of course very gently, so that the Ear Climber hook does not break. To do this, simply bend the hook further beyond the Ear Climber. When you let go of the hook, its new resting position will sit closer to the Ear Climber.

If this is still not enough and the Ear Cuff still fits too loosely, you can simply reduce the radius of the ear hook. To do this, simply pick anything with a relatively small radius. I have taken a plug here (extra an item that everybody has at home :)).

Then bend the earhook gently around the plug (not all the way around, of course, but just a little bit to reduce the radius). This way the ear hook is pressed even closer to the Ear Climber and the Ear Climber sits another tick tighter on the ear :)

It is important that at each of these bends not too much pressure is exerted on the soldering point of the Ear Cuff Hook. Otherwise the Ear Cuff hook could break. We are sure: With the necessary love for ear jewellery this will not happen!

Then we already continue with the extravagant version of our Ear Cuffs.

This Ear Cuff must always be well adapted to the individual ear before wearing it for the first time. This requires a little bit of sensitivity, that's why we always send an extra instruction for this Ear Cuff:)

Nevertheless it can happen that with this Ear Climber further assistance is desired ;)
You have to know about this: In its starting position this Ear Climber is rather round curved. Therefore the Ear Climber fits perfectly to smaller ears. If you have bigger ears you might ask yourself: Where to put the top hook of the Ear Climber? The top of the ear is not possible, because the Ear Climber seems to be too short in its starting position.

The exact length of the Ear Cuff depends on the individual size and shape of your ear. So if you have a rather elongated ear, the solution is quite simple. You can gently straighten the curve of the Ear Climber. This will make the Ear Climber longer and it will also climb longer along your auricle :)

And then there is the case: The Ear Climber is already bent as straight as possible (please always bend it gently, otherwise the nice piece could break at the narrow parts) and the upper hook is still not placed far enough up at the ear to pull the big Ear Climber loop over your ear.

How could it be different: Of course there is a solution for this as well :)
In all these cases, simply bend the large Ear Cuff hook to the side. Then you can also attach the upper Ear C uff Hook to the side of the ear like the smaller Ear Cuff Hooks.
Also for this Ear Climber I have created a small series of pictures, where hopefully you can see what I mean :)

The picture shows in the upper section how the Ear Climber looks like in the starting position. Here the Ear Climber is still relatively round in shape.
In the middle section the picture shows how the Ear Climber looks like when it is bent completely straight. You see, you can cover a really wide range of different ear shapes with the Ear Climber:)
And the lower part of the picture shows how the big ear hook of the Ear Cuff looks like when it has been bent 90 degrees sideways to the Ear Cuff itself.

So with this great ear jewellery you might get this beautiful piece and it fits perfectly without much effort. But it is also possible that you have to bend this extraordinary Ear Cuff a little bit first. But if we are honest: Exactly because of this fitting, the Ear Climber gets your very own signature. The Ear Climber becomes a little bit more your personal piece of jewellery with every bend.

With this Ear Climber it is a little bit like with a noble fountain pen. A really good fountain pen always adapts to its owner. The way he holds his hand. How firmly it presses on. All this influences how the pen moves in the end. And you don't lend a good fountain pen. Because it only really fits perfectly for its owner. Just like this Ear Climber:)