vergoldete echt Silber CreolenThere are countless suppliers if you want to have your jewellery gilded. And even more providers if you buy your new jewellery already gold-plated. But why does it cost so much to have your jewellery gold-plated with one person and so much with another? And where do the big price differences in gold-plated jewellery come from?

To explain this, let us first bring a certain situation before our mental eye. Because who does not know this: You buy gold-plated silver jewellery. And this gold-plated silver jewellery looks beautiful. You are really looking forward to wearing your jewellery every day from now on. But within a short time your gold-plated jewelry dream turns into a spotty jewelry nightmare. Why is that? The answer could be: Because it is a nano gilding.

Now the word nano gilding sounds pretty fancy. And somehow also technologically superior. Sounds great: "You can have your jewellery gilded with nano gilding with us." Or "Our jewellery is gilded with nano gilding." Honestly, if I didn't know any better, I would definitely jump at it.

But now I do know better, so I'll explain the catch with the nano gilding. Because the fancy word nano is derived from the Greek "nanos" for "dwarf" or "dwarfish". Sure, nanoparticles are incredibly tiny. And a nano gilding accordingly? Exactly. Incredibly thin.

Nano gilding has little to do with unusual technology. It is applied in the same way as most other jewelry gilding. By electroplating. The gold layer is just thick enough to make the jewellery look golden.

Therefore it is important to know: jewellery is always subject to a certain amount of friction. You put on your gold-plated jewellery. You take off your gold-plated jew ellery. You wear your gold-plated jewellery. All this causes friction. So if you have your gold-plated jewellery gilded, the thicker the layer of gold, the longer the gilding will last.

Nano Vergoldung Silber Creolen But then why is there a wafer-thin nano gilding at all? Quite simply: Real gold is expensive. And the less gold I use, the less the gilding costs me. This makes your gold-plated jewellery cheaper, but unfortunately hardly better.

Here it doesn't matter whether it is called nano gilding. Or maybe Flash Plating. And gold dipping, if you like. If you gold-plated jewelry or buy gold-plated jewelry and somebody puts one of these words in their mouth, it means only one thing: You will probably be quite unhappy after a very short time.

Of course, gilding never lasts forever. That is the nature of it. But if you want to have your jewellery gilded, then treat yourself to a decent gilding. And if you buy gold-plated jewellery, then buy decent gold-plated jewellery.

We at Love Your Diamonds are happy to help you if you want to have your jewellery g ilded. And we are happy if you buy gold-plated silver jewelry from us. But most of all, we want you to be happy with your gold-plated silver jewelry. That is why you will not find any jewellery with a nano gilding in our shop. And we will also not have your jewellery gilded with nano gilding :)