How do I put on the children's earclipscorrectly?

We are often asked how to put on our children's earclips properly. And this question is really clever, because especially with our children's earclips it is important to attach them correctly to the ear, in order to enjoy the earclips for a long time :)

What should we avoid at all costs when putting on children's earclips?

The temptation is great - I would almost like to say huge - to bend the earclips far apart to put them on and take them off and then to press them shut again. After all, silver is a soft precious metal and the silver wire of the children's earclips is very easy to bend ;)

And here it comes: Please do not bend the children's earclips wide open and closed when putting them on and taking them off!

The most important thing is to resist this bending impulse, because the silver wire of the children's earclips will be very stressed by this, will then quickly become porous and will break in the end. And we would like to avoid that :)

How else should we put onthe children's earclips?

Very simple: To put on the children's earclips, it is sufficient to open them minimally. We are talking about maybe one or two millimeters. This is perfectly sufficient for these children's earclips and especially for the fine children's ears :)

Then guide the children's earclips over the narrowest part of the ear (this is usually the small area between the earlobe and where the lateral ear cartilage begins.) and then pull the children's earclips towards the earlobe into the correct position.

Once the children's earclips are where they should be, we can gently press them into place on the ear.
This way we can put on the children's earclips without straining them, as we almost completely avoid bending the children's earclips open.

And how do we take the children's earclips off again?

Taking off the children's earclips is the easiest thing of all: we just pull them off :)

We don't have to bend the earclips, we don't have to open them, we don't have to change the shape of the earclips in the slightest. We simply pull the children's earclips off the ear and store them safely in our jewellery box until the next use :)

What else do I need to know about the children'searclips?

Our children's earclips are very popular, on the one hand because they are made of real 925 sterling silver and therefore completely nickel-free. On the other hand, because the children's earclips after the attachment to the ear no further pressure on the earlobe. This is especially for children very pleasant :)

However, you should always keep in mind that unlike ear studs, no solid plug goes THROUGH the ear hole. So, of course, the ear clips can sometimes slip off the ear by a careless movement, especially with playing children. Here helps every now and then a small control handle, whether everything is still sitting where it should :)