Not all clip-on hoops are the same

However, most of our customers only know one kind of clip-on hoops until they get to know Love Your Diamonds ;)

Besides the usual hinged stud earrings (they are also called "shepherd's earrings"), there are also stud earrings without hinges. But where is the sense in that, if everybody has already made friends with the usual hinged creoles?

Well, the answer is quite simple: If something breaks at hoops with hinge, then it is mostly the hinge. It is the most sensitive part of the hoop earrings. And especially with high quality creoles we thought it might make sense to do without the hinge in favour of a longer life. That's why you will often find the hingeless version of the hoops with our real gold creoles :)

How do I open these plug-in hoops to insert them to my earlobe?

There is no hinge with which you can open the hoop plug upwards and then insert the plug into the earlobe. But there is another way to put on the earrings, which is at least as easy :)

So instead of opening the hoop plug upwards, we push the hoops to the side. This opens up a gap that allows us to comfortably insert the Creole Plug into our ear hole.

You don't have to be afraid that the hoop will bend. You don't have to use any force to open the creole to the side. And if you are gentle and loving with your creole, it will always return to its original position :)

Once the plug has been inserted through the ear hole, these creoles without hinge can be put on in the same way as the other known plug-in hoops. You only have to insert the plug into the creole eyelet. Already the Creole sits wonderfully at the ear.

How do I remove the clip-on hoops?

This is basically as easy as putting on the creoles.

First you pull the plug gently out of the hoop eyelet, then you bend the creole gently to the side. You bend the creole horizontally just enough so that the earlobe fits through comfortably. This way you can pull the creole off your ear comfortably.

Especially when you discover the clip-on creole without hinge for the first time, you might need a few tries. But soon you will appreciate that these hoops are basically much easier and much safer to use than the hinged hoops.

Go on a journey of discovery and let yourself be convinced by these wonderful creoles :)