One knows it mainly from pearl necklaces, which one should have threaded again and again in regular intervals. But of course also gemstone chains need this care from time to time. In costume jewelry or even with cheaper chains, the pearls or stones are usually directly on top of each other and only knotted at the clasp. With high-quality pearls or gemstones, however, you will often find that a small knot is also placed after each chain element. Why is this so?
  • The so-called lustre describes the pearl's ability to reflect light and is thus quasi the "luster" of the pearl. The more layers of mother-of-pearl the core of a pearl is covered with, the more beautiful the luster becomes. A great luster is also an indication that the pearl was allowed to mature for a long time. However, this luster is very sensitive. Impacts and friction can damage the luster and quickly dull a beautiful shiny pearl. To prevent this, especially with high-quality pearls, a knot is always placed between the individual pearls. This way they do not rub against each other and are better protected from impact.
  • Chains can also break sometimes. Should not happen, but it does. And who doesn't have a picture in their head of the countless little stones or beads that are chaotically pouring all over the floor? But by then it's already too late and who knows if you can really find every single pearl and stone again? This dilemma can also be prevented by a small but fine knot behind each stone and pearl. If the chain then breaks, at best only one stone or pearl falls out, everything else stays together. And the one stone or pearl can be found again in case of doubt ;)
  • Single knotted chains are simply more beautiful. The small knots between the single beads or stones make the necklace more supple and make it nestle more beautifully to the décolleté. Even if this may only make a marginal difference with some necklaces - the connoisseur will recognize and appreciate it :)
But why should pearl necklaces and precious stone chains (which also applies to short chains, called bracelets) be rewound from time to time?
  • With time, the pearl thread stretches and the knotting becomes looser. This means that the individual pearls or stones no longer lie tightly knotted together, but almost dance back and forth on the chain. So to minimize wear and tear and to ensure the greatest possible suppleness of the chain, it is good to have the chain rethreaded every now and then.
  • But it is not only the "mechanical" stress on the chain that causes wear and tear, but also the dirt and grease that gets into your chain through contact with the skin through make-up, sweat or cream. Through this contact the pearl thread gradually becomes brittle and in the worst case it will break one day. This is another reason why you should have your necklace rewound regularly so that it doesn't break in the first place.
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Have pearl and gemstone necklaces professionally re-threaded

A pearl or gemstone necklace should be re-threaded on average every two years. Here it depends of course on how often you actually wear them. If the necklace is only used once a year at Christmas, this will probably not be necessary that often. But if you wear your necklace every day, the time for rethreading may even be earlier. If you are not quite sure about your necklace, just ask us and we will advise you at any time:)

We will be happy to rethread your chain for you. For this we use only bead silk from German production. It is high quality, durable and we have had the best experience with it. And while we are at it, we can of course also replace your chain clasp. If you prefer a magnetic closure instead of a ring closure, for example. Or if the ring fastener is great in itself, but you would like it to be bigger so that you can use it more easily. No problem. We have a huge selection of all kinds of fasteners...
  • Lobster clasps
  • Ring closures
  • Magnetic fasteners
  • Push-in closures
  • Bayonet locks
  • S-hook fasteners
  • Toggle fasteners
  • etc
As you can see, the list is long and our motivation endless :)

Of course you will get your pearls and gemstones back cleaned when you buy a newly threaded necklace. So you get an all around carefree package and enjoy with us a professional advice and nice care!