Why ever Earclips for children buy? Children would like to be like their parents. After all, these are their greatest role models. And what do adults wear? Of course: earrings. But now it may be that your child is still too small for pierced ears. Or your child is afraid of having holes in his or her ears shot.

But that's not so bad. Give your child all the time he or she needs for real earrings. The good news is - the solution is quite simple: Earclips for children. Because now there are delightful earclips in all shapes and colours for children without pierced ears. So it's easy to make your child's time until the first real earrings with earclips sweet :)

But now that you have chosen earclips for your children, the dilemma really begins. All of a sudden a lot of questions arise. Which earclips for children are the best? And what do you have to bear in mind when choosing earclips for children? Is there a checklist for the right earclips for children?

The good thing is: Because I'm a mum myself, I've already thought about all these things myself. I have tried out various ear clips for children. I have had a wide variety of experiences with earclips. And in the end, I created my own collection of earclips for children.

Therefore I would like to share my personal checklist with you :)
  • Earclips for children always nickel-free?

    Nickel allergy is the most common contact allergy. Therefore, parents should always make sure that ear clips for children are nickel-free. It is indeed regulated by law that jewellery sold in Europe must be nickel-free. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not adhere to this, and bona fide retailers still sell this jewellery as nickel-free. So here is a little appeal to all parents to always buy the earclips for their children from their trusted dealer. We at Love Your Diamonds assure that we produce the earclips for children nickel free:)
  • Earclips for children made of real silver or as costume jewellery?

    Often a parent thinks: "Oh, my child will not wear the earclips for long anyway. So why invest too much money unnecessarily?" I will gladly explain to you why sufficient investment in the right earclips is always just right for your children:)
    As I said: Actually all jewellery in Europe should be nickel free. But especially with cheap costume jewellery earclips, people like to trick here. There is the possibility that the metal used contains nickel despite the ban. Some dealers try to conceal this with the smart remark "surface nickel-free". Then the earclips are provided with a lacquer finish. And that goes off inevitably with the time.

    But what is still a difficulty with costume jewelry: Sometimes the metal alloys in the earclips contain heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Isn't that illegal? Of course it is. Just like nickel. But if it has to be cheap, some manufacturers turn a blind eye. Or two.

    So if I may give some advice here as a mum: Don't save money in the wrong place. The ear clips for your children should not only look great, but also be of high quality all around. Our 925 Sterling Silver alloy at Love Your Diamonds is nickel-free in any case. And free of heavy metals :)
  • Ear clips for children with or without hinge?

    The most common earclips for children are hinged. Just as the earclips are also known for adults. And if you have ever worn earclips as an adult, you know the problem. At some point, the ear clip simply hurts. The hinge presses the earclip constantly and firmly onto the ear, the force cannot be regulated. Many children do not want to wear their earclips any more because they simply develop pain when wearing them.

    I have been approached about this issue by many other mums. That is why we at Love Your Diamonds have developed new earclips for children. These earclips are now completely hingeless. Children do not feel the earclips when wearing them and can enjoy them so easily :)
  • Ear clips too heavy for kids?

    If an earclip is heavy, you need more strength to hold it to your ear. All the more reason to visit The ear clip must close tighter. It would be much better to choose earclips for children that are sturdily built and yet light as a feather. With these earclips you do not need so much force to make them hold. The delicate children's ears will thank you for it!
    The children's earclips at Love Your Diamonds are all cast. This makes the earclips more stable than punched or glued earclips. And yet all the earclips are just as light for children. Perfect for children ears.

As parents, please follow this advice when buying the earclips for your children. Then your children will enjoy wearing their new earclips :)

We at Love Your Diamonds also take every new parent's feedback on our earclips to heart. That's why our children's earclips are constantly being improved. Do you have an idea for children's earclips that I have missed so far? Write me! And if you have any questions about our children's earclips, we are happy to help you:)